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DressAfrika Tour Supports Table Tennis Development

A Ghanaian-American travel and tour entity, DressAfrika with it’s entourage for the first time explored some historic sites, and slave routes among others within the country.

The fun, luxurious and educative tour was vital in the promotion of Ghanaian culture and Heritage.

In a quest to also promote Ghanaian sports culture, DressAfrika Tour supported some underprivileged table tennis players at the Diamond Table Tennis Academy in Nungua with clothing and stuff.

They were presented with an undisclosed amount of money to help in it’s daily operations.

In an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of DressAfrika Tour, Madam Queen Ampiah stated that her outfit has outlined plans to promote the Ghanaian heritage tourism sector.

Adding that, her vision is to deploy larger American tourist groups into the country to invest.

“This is a very small group and people lost most of their jobs due to the covid but we have a bigger vision in December to bring in larger groups to patronize and invest massively in the Ghanaian heritage culture,” she said.

She, however, attributed her contribution to the tourism sector due to the friendly nature of tourist sites within the country.

Some tourists who benefited through DressAfrika Tour shared their experiences and impressions about the trip.

Michelle stressed on the need for African-Americans in the diaspora to visit Africa and get abreast with knowledge on their culture and heritage background.

She admonished DressAfrika Tour for the massive input in highlighting tourism in the country.

Others also acknowledged the support, the warm reception from the Ghanaian community, and the beautiful sites upon visitation.

They urged Ghanaians and other African-Americans in the diaspora to visit frequently through DressAfrika Tour.

Source:  Newsghana