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Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle


Another top tourist destination in Ghana is another castle, Cape Coast Castle.

The Portuguese constructed this Castle on top, just like the Elmina Castle, but this one was erected in 1555. The Castle was built to trade precious gold but was also later used for slavery.

During that time, Ghana was called the Gold Coast because there was gold everywhere in the country. This is what lured the Portuguese to come here, and later on, the British.

The Cape Coast Castle is one of the sites to visit in the Central Region. You can go to the “Door of No Return,” which is one of the features of the Castle with an interesting history.

It is believed that the colonial masters transported the enslaved people from the Castle to the ships through this door. No enslaved person has come back alive after undergoing this experience. Properly exploring this place will inform you about the impact of slavery on Ghanaians.